March 24, 2023

FAQ’s for Starting a School

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When we were little, we didn’t want to go to school. To wake up when the sun rose and to come back when the roads had a lot of traffic. All that seemed very hectic but now when we are older, those were the good old days which we also call the golden days. Going to school is a necessary for each kid and it is the right of every kid. Education never goes unneedy and it always gives you benefit one day or the other. If you go for a job and you don’t have a degree or you dropped off the school, even if you had a lot of experience in the field of your line, but still employers will want to hire a person who has a degree or must have completed school. Because education not only gives you degree but it also grooms you and develops your personality.

But what about those people or management that give you education, your teachers and your institution. They are doing a great job, making the future of tomorrow and grooming children. There was a time when running a school was considered a noble thing, it is still like that but now, it is more like a business. It was estimated that in every small town, there can be more than 10 schools. It was also estimated that each school earns more than a million dirhams in a year. But there are schools who provide free and cheap education. If you have a passion of teaching and earning a good amount of money each month, then opening a school is the business for you.

You must be thinking that opening a school can be a tough job. And that is correct because it requires a lot of paper work and you might have to run a lot to different departments for getting it registered.  But before all this, you need to decide that what should be the curriculum of your school. Like, should it have a local curriculum, British, American or just regular. Because the best the curriculum will be, the more students will be enrolled. We are not saying that only some are good, but since the competition is a lot, you need to decide that whether you want to earn a lot of money or teach kids with good education at cheap price. You can take suggestion from international school in Qatar or from kindergarten school in Qatar.

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