December 3, 2022

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Major courses to study during MBA

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When you want to get the admission in business studies then there are several things you need to consider before or you will regret later. First of all you have to see that in which college you want to get the admission. If you want to get the admission in MBA in Dubai then you have to see the requirements of Dubai before you go there. Once you get all the information about the visa, tickets, residence and the admission you should go further and move to Dubai. But before admission you have to know that what the major courses you should have to study are. For this purpose you have to visit homepage of the website:

Accounting: It is the basic course of MBA which you have to study in the very first semester. In this course you will get the basic information about all the record keeping techniques and other book keeping activities.

Finance: It is the major course which you have to study in the business studies education. You have to keep in mind that you have to do a lot of calculations in this study so you have to be very good in calculations. Other than that there are a lot of formulas to remember on in finance subject. If you are bad in remembering the formulas or other things then you cannot complete the course. Along with remembering you should know the basic logic behind each formula only then you will be able to put the right formula in the right place otherwise you will be the reason of great losses to the company when you join any.

Management: You also have to study the non-calculation subjects like management where you will learn about managing your whole team as a leader and also learn about the team work too. You will get to know different theories behind all the behaviors of different people and it will help you in practical life to understand the behaviors of your boss, colleagues and sub-ordinates. When you comprehend the behavior correctly then you will be better able to work with them easily and you can also convey your thoughts to them without any strain. You will also learn about the mechanics behind an organization and the relationship of one organization with others and also with rivals.

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