October 7, 2022

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Different kinds of training sessions

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There are several ways to train your employees for team building in Dubai. People often choose one of the process but they sometime chose to have more than one process so that the practice of team building will be increased. There are many corporate training companies in Dubai that are helping corporate employers to get their employees trained in the running time. They will provide several options for employers to choose from and some of the options are written below:

On job training: They will have option of on job training in which they will send some of their related trainers to the company office and train their employees while their work. For getting the trainers on your place employer has to first explain fully about the requirements of the company so that the trainer will come with proper preparation. Employer should also provide a proper space for the training sessions where the employees can have the knowledge and team activities. All this process has done during the working hours and the work will not be affected in any way.

Out of office training: Some companies will not provide the trainers to the office due to the set up they need for training others. They cannot shift all of their gadgets from their company to the training company so they will force to send the trainees to their company. Employer should first visit the place and ask about all the details of the course which they will provide to his employees. If he is satisfied with the content and the methods of them then he should send his employees to that company. All of the courses should be free for employees and the company should pay the charges of training because the benefit of these training sessions will be directly received by the company. If you force employees to take the training and you deduct amount from their pay then it may have a negative effect on your company and they may leave your company once the course ended. Before sending for this training you have to keep in your mind that you have to send them during office timing and it will affect your office work for few days so you have to be lenient with your employees during the process.

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