October 7, 2022

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Quick guide to correct POA procedure

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There are many things that one must take care of when considering granting the power of attorney to the agent. It is a legal process that must be followed correctly in order to eliminate any kind of confusion and doubt about the document. Here are a few things that you must ensure in order to follow the procedure correctly.

  • Hire a professional for review

It doesn’t matter who you appoint to be your agent in order to make them the power of attorney what matters is the correct filling of documents. A professional lawyer who is expert in such cases can help you in reviewing the document in power of attorney UAE format as they will be able to see the mistakes and point them out unlike those who are not expert in it and can make a mistake but even a slightest mistake can create the biggest of issues.

  • Specify the power

Closed and twisted words will not be considered in the document as their meaning can very easily be manipulated. This is why when you are drafting the powers and responsibilities as well as other details and permission that you grant the agent with, you need to be clear in your words and statements. You must specify each and every little detail instead of using general terminology. Words should be simple and clear as well as understood by everyone.

  • Notarization

Not every state requires notarization of the documents by signing them in front of notary where both – the agent and principal – have to be present as it elements doubt and suspicion of being contested by an outside party. This validates and verifies the whole process and that is how you know you are in the clear and your documents are in a safe place now.

  • Keep it safe

We cannot emphasize much on keep your documents safe no matter how many copies you have and how safe you feel, taking an extra step forward towards its safety won’t hurt anyone. Make sure that you have the document present with you especially when you are travelling and out of the house. Every time you decide to use it, just make sure that you keep it back safely.

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