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The Different Parts of an Electric Welding Machine

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The Different Parts of an Electric Welding Machine

An electric welder’s parts are the Sensory eyes, coated electrodes, Anode, and Transformer. Here, we will discuss the functions of Lincoln electric welding machine parts. Sensory eyes: They detect the current in the welding process and control the current. Anode: They hold the electrodes and function as the connection between the welding machine and base metal. The transformer: It controls the power supply of the machine and the electrodes.

Sensory eyes:

A handpiece and its light source form the Sensory Eyes of an electric welding machine. The handpiece emits a modulated output, while the light source gives off a bright light. Alternating Current (AC) is a natural frequency of electricity. Direct Current (DC) is a stronger frequency typically used to weld steel or stainless steel. The DC can be strongly or weakly pulsed, which can affect the welder’s perception of reality.

Coated electrodes:

When using an electric welding machine, you must select coated electrodes carefully. The electrode type used in your process will determine how you manipulate the electrode, the amperage, and the joint configuration. This will also determine the type of weld that is produced. Select a welding machine with an R suffix to choose the best-coated electrode. Coated electrodes with this suffix have higher resistance to moisture than uncoated electrodes.


The correct polarity is an essential part of welding with a metal electrode. Improper polarity results in poor penetration, uneven bead shape, and high spatter levels. It also results in overheating, difficulty regulating the arc, and rapid burning of the anode. A good way to avoid these problems is to understand the effects of polarity. Some machines have clearly labelled ends; others will require changing the terminals on the cable.


When it comes to the working of an electric welder, the transformer of the electric welding machine plays an important role. This part of the machine provides the welding arc with a proper voltage. The main purpose of the transformer is to provide the welding arc with a stable voltage with variation in the weld bead penetration. However, many other factors influence the welding voltage, and the following are some of the important ones.

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