January 22, 2022

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5 Medical Discoveries That Can Help Diabetic Patients

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Diabetes is widespread illness that has affected millions of people around the globe. This disease are progressive and as of the moment, there is no medical technology to help cure it. All diabetic sufferers can do is manage their condition to keep the disease at bay.

Although there is still no known cure for diabetes, diabetic patient can help manage their condition better through these medical breakthroughs:

  • Early detection watch


As we all know, illness prevention is better than cure. For years, medical researchers had been on the look on how to prevent diabetes on the onset of the disease. And after years of research and trial and errors, medical professionals found a way to help people detect whether they have diabetes or suffering symptoms related to it. There are smart watches today that are created specifically to detect whether a person has a symptom of Diabetes. This smart watch can help detect heart rate patterns and can be used to alert the wearer.


  • Needle-less insulin management


When you are suffering from diabetes, you have to deal with the fact that you need to inject insulin in your body to stabilize your condition. But some diabetic sufferers do not like the idea of injection and the pain that comes with it. If this is the case, they can try the Smart Patch, a patch that can administer insulin sans the needle. This painless approach can encourage more diabetic patients to take their insulin.


  • Wearable glucose monitoring


Monitoring is imperative, especially if you are suffering from diabetes. You need to be sure that your glucose level is at its appropriate level. But testing it can be a pain. If you are suffering from diabetes and want to monitor your glucose at all times, it would be best if you can get these wearables that can help you management your condition. Smart contact lenses are used to monitor whether your glucose level is rising through your tears. There are also smart socks and footwear that can help monitor your heart rate and blood flow.


  • Smart home monitoring


This invention is created by a father who has a son suffering from diabetes. Michael Maniscalco wanted to know whether his son’s glucose condition at home. Apart from doing it manually, Maniscalco created a system or automation that is connected to their lighting system. This smart lighting will be triggered once his son’s glucose level dip. This can help manage the situation and alert the guardians quickly to attend to a diabetes emergency.


  • Apps for diabetes management


There is a lot of apps that people can use today to manage diabetes. You can select from an array of applications that can help sufferers to monitor their condition, log their medical status and alert them in case they are having a medical emergency due to diabetes.

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