March 24, 2023

Details Of The Process of Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is an ancient chinese traditional method which aims in balancing Qi, letting your body run smoothly.

Qi is pronounced as chee, according to chinese beliefs, Qi is what runs through the body and it is the life source of a human being. Now, because nature has balance to everything, so when Qi is disturbed, it imbalances the body nature making you unwell. This body nature is balanced on two different forces known as the Yin and Yang – positive and negative forces. Qi flows through the meridians – channels in our body – making sure that everything is fine and working.

Qi is a theory which is not easy to believe and people who work on logic would like a much more scientific explanation which is not fully available and further research needs to be made. But as far as the human kind knows, acupuncture helps in stimulating muscle and nerve tissues, meaning, it releases natural pain killers already present in the body known as endorphins. These pain killers help in relieving the pain without any medicines or chemicals.


Acupuncture in Dubai is widely famous throughout the world and in the UK alone more than three million people are going through this physiotherapy and it is also recommended by physiotherapy Dubai marina.


The process of acupuncture goes something like this, on the first meeting, they might ask you general questions related to your health and fitness and your lifestyle. They will also want to know what kind of treatments you have received up till now and check your tongue as well as palpitation on both your wrists.

After having a brief assessment, your acupuncture points are studied. There are more than 500 points on a human body but only 10 to 12 are used in a single session. These points are determined through the workings of your body and may keep changing throughout every session.


These needles are not the same as the ones used for blood tests or injection, in fact, they have a different kind of mechanism to it – making them less painful to use and working for your body.


As long as the question of how long one session takes, it keeps varying from person to person and the kind of treatment that they require. Starting from 5 mins to anywhere lasting between 30 minutes is the time that needles require to be left on acupuncture points.

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