August 5, 2021

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Dubai – UAE

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

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Cudgeling your brain about what it is like to enjoy a nightlife in Dubai. There are plenty of things that Dubai has to offer to make the dark night full of colors and nights to remember. Dubai is the city where nights are more exciting and happening as compared to days. This is the city that knows the best to get your nightlife unfading and undying.

You visit the clubs, see the water dance near the Burj Khalifa, takes rides of balloon adventures in Dubai even at night and if you want to see the traditional nightlife, then you must book your reservations of overnight desert safari in Dubai. This is the best intimation which you can do be treated like one of the locals, experience the unique and best traditional service.

In this safari, you can spend the night in open camps with blankets and view the ample sky and the sheeny stars. There is no other feeling which satisfies your camping thrill by sleeping under the open desert sky. Deserts in Dubai are that hot and fiery as they show it on the TV but they are naturally cool and at night it quite chilly and this in case you can warm yourself beside the bon fire on the sand. You can enjoy by sandboarding and riding the quad bike in the sand dunes. Don’t worry if you fall, and if you do, the sand will save you and it will feel like you have fallen the snow. So, bash through those dunes and fill yourself with what was missing.

You get to enjoy live barbeque with variety of traditional salads and starters, of course you get the best flavored shisha in this safari at all times. In this safari journey, you will see the most nonpareil belly dance and get your hands tattooed by henna from professional henna artists.

Some inbound tour companies also give you pick-up and drop at your hotels, as soon as you are taken into the camp you are welcomed with Arabic coffee, dates and shisha. Meanwhile, the main event starts, you can take pictures with the falcons who are trained by the falconries.

You close your eyes with the amazing sunset and open your eyes with the most far-flung sunrise which feels like a sedative for your eyes and soul.

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